A Country Flavor . . . and Something You Can Use.

Each Galvanized Can is custom designed and hand painted. The artwork surrounds the entire can and lid. Every detail requires 2 coats of paint and 2 coats weather proof sealant. Each can is designed to be beautiful and functional. Our clients have used these cans for fireplace ashes, dog, cat or bird food. Also as an ice cooler/bucket to hold garden soil and trash. These beautiful Galvanized Cans look great on the patio or deck, next to the pool or in the kitchen.

Galvanized Cans

About Janet

Coming from a family of designers for over 50 years, my favorite type of work is hand-painting and floral design. Twelve years ago I was looking for a hobby and took painting classes. My hobby became my business in 2005. I received my floral designs certificate in 1997. I participate in the Chester Fall Craft Show every September ,it's an exciting weekend event. Because I custom paint each item, no two creations are the same, so you really “have a one of a kind” artwork. Feel free to call me anytime with your ideas for your design by JAG