Welcome to Designs by Janet A Gaffney

The painting on utility objects dates back many centuries. Many farmers and farming families would paint scenes and subjects of the farming life on 2 man cross saws, pickle crocks, milk cans, etc. Janet Gaffney has continued this tradition on items that can be used in your home, office or given a gift. Coming from a family of designers for over 50 years, Janet's favorite type of work is hand-painting and floral design. JAG designs offer a variety of hand-painted gift ware, including glassware, galvanized cans and buckets, wood and more. We also offer original or custom designed artificial floral arrangements, wreaths, swags, and tear-drops.

Handcrafted and Completely Custom Designed

No two creations are the same. Because I custom design and paint each item, you truly have "one of a kind" gift ware. Each Galvanized Can is painted in the round. That means all around the sides, on the lids and tops. Glassware is double baked to help insure color and brightness. Swags and Teardrops are secured with the best quality wood frames and supports.

How We Create Our Products

The design to creation stages is where the true creative juices flow. I must visualize how the artwork will be transformed into the unique gift or centerpiece for your home or office. Applying the artwork must not only look good but last. I only buy galvanized cans from a small hardware store to guarantee the best quality canvas to paint.